This I Believe

Nicholas - Boyne City, Michigan
Entered on April 18, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe in a World of Caring

Time has passed over the years as humans have evolved. Still one thing remains, the fact someone can care about other people. I first really understood caring when I was twelve, the significance of when my mom looked to me with eyes of concern. Friends and family gave me the same look as I was growing. They were able to share their experience with me. Having those bonds, sharing my ways now with those I know. Everywhere I turned was another face that cared or I have been there for. Everyone needs someone that cares about them.

No one cares more than someone’s parents. A lot of times my mom has done things for me, showing she cares. Just last year I went to California to be with a girl I knew. My mom supplied me with money for spending, paid for my bus ticket, and also supplied the things I took with me. In the end things went in the wrong direction and I ran out of money. The girl’s family told me I had to come up with rent or go back to Michigan. I wound up coming back; my mom sent the money. The next week I was back on the bus headed to Michigan. That whole experience that even though I was miles away my mother showed a lot of love by helping me. Three thousand miles away and still cared for by my mother. There is no distance that stops people from caring.

When people have a problem they need someone to turn to. Caring is not just giving advice; it also takes in the act of doing something to help out another person. Once I had a friend who was turning toward drinking after his father died. I spent time with him and even was at his father’s funeral; even though I barely knew his father. I was there to be at my friend’s side. This friend wanted to throw life away even though he has a family. There was more than just me supporting him in the months to come. He is doing better now. His family needed him to care about them and in turn the ways of caring continued to flow.

I’ve seen people without anyone that care, how they seem to be alone. Most lives with no one leads to some sort of bad road. Families have mostly everyone to turn to and friends. It is sad to see others that you know standing alone without someone. Every man, woman, and child should know the strength given by those who care. Not a life of emptiness or anger because no one gave them a chance. I feel that deep in my heart if I didn’t have people that cared I would not be here at all. I believe that caring and being cared about gives me warmth everyday I walk around. Caring should be there for each of us and it is my belief.