This I Believe

Danielle - Columbia, Illinois
Entered on April 18, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

I Believe

I believe I am free when I am driving because I feel no one can stop me. Whenever I am not at school or with someone hanging out I am at home. My parents are always saying for me to do this or do that but honestly it does not bother me, but I would rather be in my car driving. Driving to me is what I believe makes me free.

My parents are always saying turn that junk off, or turn that crap down and I get tired of listening to them. Music and my car is what I believe makes me free. I know that when I am driving my parents are not there to tell me what to listen to or how loud to listen to it. Driving with the windows down the radio up with the wind blowing through my hair is the most amazing feeling of my life; it makes me feel as if nothing else in the world matters.

I feel I can do whatever I want. In my car I can get away from all teenage drama like my friends fighting or listening to them talk about the latest gossip at school. I know that I can get away from everything, not forever but even if it is only five minutes, those five minutes are for me and what I want to do. I just want to get away and do something for myself, the way I want to not the way someone else wants to. I love hanging out with my friends but I always do what they want to do and it gets boring after a while, the whole time I am thinking “Wow, if I were driving I would be having such a good time because I get to decide what I want to do.”

When I am driving it is just the road and me, nothing more and nothing less and that is what I love about driving. Driving gives me a feeling of control, for once I am in control, I am in charge of everything that car does and/or will do. I feel controlled at school by the rules we have to abide by, getting in my car I know that now it is my turn. I guess you could say I am a control freak. My radio is on the station of my choice and the volume setting of my choice whether I am alone or I have a car full. This is me and this is what I believe, my car is what I believe.