This I Believe

Steven - bloomfield hills, Michigan
Entered on April 18, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

18 April 2007

Guidance into Wealth

I stand with my friend Alex while he shouts his mother’s name over the roar of one of his parents’ almost nightly social gatherings. His mother reveals an excessive roll of money as she rushes towards her son. Without remorse, she presents the money to her son and quickly disappears back into the confusion of the party. I look over at Alex thinking he will be as stunned as me, but to my surprise he stuffs it into his pocket without a thought. I asked myself, how could parents be so blind about where money with no responsibility will lead their children? I believe that it is a parents’ job to guide their child’s use of wealth, showing them the positive and warning them of the negative.

Many parents must be unaware of is how important and needed their guidance is to a young adult. Drugs to most seventeen year olds are as tempting as the sirens to Odysseus, in the epic tale of The Odyssey. Odysseus had his crew tie him to their ship to keep him from the temptations of the sirens, but my friends had no ropes holding them back. Due to the lack of parental guidance and excess of money given, they could indulge in drugs as often as they please.

My opinion is that if a young adult is forced to work for their own money it leads them away from these foul temptations. My friends Alex and John are two young adult brothers who have grown up in a household of overwhelming wealth. The younger

brother Alex took the path of openhandedly receiving his parents’ money without guidance. Receiving his parents’ money without guidance lead him into a life of debauchery. He sleeps in everyday waking up to having no responsibilities but to make his day as enjoyable as possible. When I first met Alex’s older brother John he was beginning to give in to the negative temptations of wealth. John must have seen where his life was headed; this enabled him to break free by finding a job and beginning to support him-self. While Alex was in rehab, his brother John was still leading a very productive life.

A young adult is like a person stuck at a fork in the road, they look down each path wondering which to take but ultimately look to their map or parents for guidance. I am lucky enough to have parents who understand responsibility and the value of money. This allowed them to teach me the same by forcing me to work for my money as I grew up. Due to my parents repeatedly instilling these values in me, I believe with correct parental guidance a young adult can learn the value of money while using their wealth as an advantage.