This I Believe

Kyle - Altamont, New York
Entered on April 18, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

I believe it only takes one time to mess up in life. I believe that one mess up will change you in the future as a person.

When people bring up the topic of an accident that had happened to a friend of theirs or even a family member it gives me a horrible feeling. It brings back the cold snowy night that had something on me.

It was Saturday February 25, 2006 the day where I had to work at soccer complex reffing soccer games all night. When I finished working it was after 9pm and I was tired. When I began to leave the parking lot it was snowing pretty good. I proceeded on my way home when I stopped at a red light waiting to turn on to the highway. I was behind a big truck where I couldn’t see when the light turned green. When the truck started to move up so did I. I could eventually see that the light was green so the cars in front went and I followed right behind the truck when he turned. Without looking I went, and I was struck on the passenger side by a 2005 jeep Cherokee. The loud bang from the impact of the Jeep Cherokee hitting my car was like a hit of a baseball but louder. Where I was spun around in a 360 almost striking the telephone poll but the little hill stopped me. While all of this was happening the airbags from the car exposed. The dust from the airbags spurted out on my fingers making them numb. When I got back from figuring out where I was and what had happened I began to check myself out to make sure I was ok. Then I proceeded to get out and make sure everyone else in the other car was ok when the guy got out and began to yell at me and swearing at me. I got back in my car freezing waiting for the cops to arrive, trying to figure out why the guy yelled at me. Before I got into the car I wanted to see what the other side of my car looked like because I didn’t see anything wrong with my car until I walked to the passenger side where I saw the indent of the car and my back tire at an 180 degree angle. It began to put tears in my eyes because I liked the car and it wasn’t drivable again. Then I began to think will I be ticketed and lose my licenses? Come to find out I had a note to drive past 9pm and the cop didn’t give me one ticket. I turned out to be a lucky kid since I wasn’t hurt neither where the people in the other car.

My mom had arrived since my dad was at work plowing and took me home. She picked me up and took me home telling me to calm down since my adrenaline was pretty high. Then she began to tell me why I didn’t call to have her pick me up if I was tired and I told her because I wasn’t thinking about it at the time.

“Better to loose a car then your life”

These were the words my mom told me on my way home from the car accident scene that stuck with me each day after the accident.

I believe it only takes one time to mess up in life and it had to be that night. A couple nights before that my sisters IPod was taken from my car at the soccer complex because I forgot to lock my front door and a couple nights before that a car had cut me off. The saying it comes in threes is true well in my case it was.