This I Believe

Kelsie - Guilderland, New York
Entered on April 18, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

I believe in best friends. I believe in friends influencing each other to be better and stronger. I believe that without my dog, I wouldn’t be who I am today.

My name is KelFreck. Well, that’s not my real name, it’s a mix of my name, Kelsie, and my dog’s name, Freckels. And yes, that’s how you spell his name.

I still remember the first time I saw him, a bundle of soft spotted puppy fur, mismatched eyes and a tail wagging furiously. He trotted straight to me and I didn’t let go of him until we got home and I walked through the front door.

It took forever to be able to say silver dapple dachshund. It took a shorter amount of time to name him. At first I was going to him Sugar. That idea was quickly rejected by the family. His brother and sister were named and I pouted, watching him wander, nameless through the grassy November yard. He looked up and it came to me. Speckels for the spots, Freckels for his face. Freckels Speckels.

He’s been through a lot. He’s had two surgeries on his back and he still hurts sometimes. Yet he’s still so happy to see me when I come home, from school or work, tired, hungry and sometimes irritable. His happiness is infectious and I find a grin spreading across my face despite what happened earlier. He barks and wags, barks and wags, barks and wags, then wants a cookie.

When I’m depressed and need to cry, he’s sitting beside me. When I’m angry and need to rant, he’s right there, though he usually takes a nap instead of listening. When all I want to do is sleep, enjoying my perfect oblivion, a wet nose pokes its way into my dreams and I wake with a loud yelp, eyes wide and unfocused at the mass of black and silver in front of me. As soon as my vision clears and I find him wagging in front of me, I grin and hug him like there’s no tomorrow before I fly out of bed to play a game of fetch, or get him a cookie.

He’s like a best friend. He is my best friend. Without him, I wouldn’t be me. Without him, we wouldn’t be KelFreck.

I believe without my dog, I wouldn’t be me. I believe that without a friend to hold onto, people wouldn’t survive. I believe those best friends are angels in disguise. They’re there to help you up, stand your ground and live.

I believe that he’s my angel. This I believe.