This I Believe

Toni - Schnectady, New York
Entered on April 18, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

I believe in second chances. When you give someone a second chance it is like giving them a chance to start over, to renew or fix what they have messed up on. When given a second chance you are handed the chance to change what you have done, or make it better. No one is ever perfect and without the right of a second chance, it is hard for you to learn from your mistakes and move on.

About 3 years ago my second cousin was diagnosed with cancer. She was about to get married. Her name is Antoinette Stazio, she is 19 years of age at the time, and she is five years older than me. She is in law school and she is going to be a lawyer. Two months before her wedding she finds out she has breast cancer, she goes under chemo, and a month later it is spreading. She goes to her wedding, and it is beautiful a month after the wedding she was told it is spreading so fast that she only has a couple months to live. Then something she has been wanting for all her life happens; a couple months later she finds out she is pregnant. She is scared that she might not live to have her baby. She goes to her cancer doctor and tells him about the baby, he tells her at the bad things that could happen to her body and her if she went on to have this baby. But she decided to continue with her pregnancy and to have the baby. Nine months later she gives birth and it is a beautiful baby girl, and very healthy. She goes back to her cancer doctor for a check up after and finds out the cancer has just disappeared, it’s gone. There is not one cancers cell in her body anymore. We believe that God gave her another chance; another chance to raise her daughter, her family. She has never been found with cancer since.

Everyone in this world deserves a second chance; whether it is the young poor father in the city that needs to decide whether to rob the bank for his family; or the little girl that was almost paralyzed in a tragic accident. There are people who are in jail, that have learned from what they have done, and are helping teach young people today about the dangers in the world and how to stay away from drugs, and violence. Just because they have made a mistake doesn’t mean it should shackle you to that one mistake. Life is all about second chances and fixing your mistakes, and making yourself a better person.