This I Believe

Marie - Schenectady, New York
Entered on April 18, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

Last week I had another proof that I could believe in God. I was going on vacation and was sitting in the car with my mom. She was carefully driving among the heavy traffic. My mom was listening to some music from her I-pod and I was filling my crossword, to kill time… We both were into profound meditations, hatching our wonderful vacation which would occur in a few hours when we would arrive in a place called heaven by both of us: Montreal. Montreal, a foretaste of Europe, as the citizen proudly aver. I guess everything was going too well to be real. A few minutes later, flames were shooting out of the left back side of the car, like a geyser on fire. It was like a rude awakening in the midst of a cushy, mild and long dream. We –my mother and I- began to panic. And in this moment of greatest necessity, our cell-phones didn’t work. That’s what happened. Either we would be killed by trying to get out of our car -the heavy and fast-paced traffic flew by just outside our car doors- or killed by our exploding car as soon as the fire reached the gas tank. That’s when I asked the help of God. He is the only being I can ask for help. Anytime. Thirty seconds later, firemen were coming.