This I Believe

Seth - Petoskey, Michigan
Entered on April 18, 2007
Age Group: 30 - 50

How many people go through life without ever having a good time, or an exciting moment to relate to others when they are old? With people today working more hours than ever, we hardly have the time to enjoy life. People that I know never go on vacation, some of them have never been outside Michigan! Ask any random group of people how many of them have visited a foreign country, or been on vacation to a distant state. They just live out their lives in the normal boring routine. I just can’t understand that, and this is why I believe in getting a little adventure out of life! Whatever you do, have a blast doing it, or try your best to.

Break that normal routing, take a risk, have a good laugh, or get drunk and make a fool of yourself, whatever you decide to do. But you have to get out and do it!

I draw from my own stories of having fun as examples. Joining the Navy at 19 and the Army at 24, I’ve been around the world twice, seen more countries than I care to count, been on a combat tour in Iraq, and so much other stuff that its difficult to list. Adventure builds character, taking a risk once in a while and getting that heart racing adds a little love for life.

I was seeking thrills from life and little else until I was 28, and that’s a lot of time to get in some serious fun. Never once did I worry about where I was going to end up tonight, what people would think, or if what I was about to do was smart, or safe. The only thing weighing on my mind was how much fun was going to be had in taking this next adventure.

I believe that to have fun and to enjoy yourself is why we are here on earth. If life isn’t about living, what is it about? Get away from the normal things that you do and add a little adventure into your life, experience a few things that you wouldn’t ever see if you stayed in the normal routine, it may just make your life a little more livable.