This I Believe

Andy - Kansas City, Missouri
Entered on April 18, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

It’s Not Phat to be Fat

During the summer the athletes at our school have an off season conditioning program to keep us in shape for the various sports we play. After we lift, we would run and some of the more in shape guys would take off their shirts. There was this one guy, named Kyle Rose, who would take off his shirt while yelling, “Fat people are sexy!”

No they’re not. Being so obese that your shirt size has more X’s than an algebra book is not sexy. It’s not sexy to have love handles on your love handles. It’s not even remotely attractive to have a heart attack at the age of thirty. The worst part is: people can do something about it.

Can anyone really be so busy that they can’t lift, run or even walk for thirty minutes a day? Can anyone really be that hungry that they have to have twelve quarter pound patties on their burger each with their own layer of cheese? Can anyone really be so thirsty that they have to have the 666oz. sugar saturated cherry slurpie?

How about instead of super sizing, try exercising? Enough exercise can counteract just about anything you eat. Ever wonder how an eight year old can eat a five pound bag of M&M’s and somehow lose weight? It’s ‘cause right after they play games with their friends nonstop for six hours. You don’t even have to lift weights. Running at an average pace of six miles per hour for 45 minutes will burn 600 calories. That’s enough to burn off a quarter pounder with cheese. Run for fifteen more minutes and you burn the double QPC.

Now I like to eat– a lot. I eat so much that last year over Spring Break my family and I took a road trip to Washington DC and I gained fifteen pounds from all the stuff that I ate. (That includes not eating dinner one night because we ate at a Greek restaurant and they put hummus on everything.) I’ve since lost the weight thanks to a rigorous wrestling routine that lets me eat whatever I want, as long as I’m willing to run it off. I lift and run four days a week for about an hour, and with all the stuff I eat that just holds my weight in check.

Now you may be thinking, “There’s no way I can run for 45 minutes.” You don’t have to on the first day. Here’s what I would do: On the first week run at that pace for fifteen minutes. On the second week go for twenty minutes. On the third week twenty-five and so on and so forth until you get up to 45. But you have to make sure you do it every day. You can’t skip a day because if you skip one you’ll skip another and another and eventually you’ll stop all together and be no better for it.

Now what some people like to say, just to get people off their backs, is that their triple digit waist size is hereditary. Hereditary obesity occurs in only one in 15,000 people. Since twenty percent of America is obese that makes 3,000 in 15,000 people in America obese. That means only one in 3,000 obese Americans can’t help themselves.

I don’t want to sound mean, but there is no excuse for obesity. I’m not saying that every person in America should look like GI Joe or Barbie. I’m saying that every person in America shouldn’t look like Fat Albert. Thirty minutes a day, seven days a week. Less than two percent of your life is all I want dedicated to exercise. Which I believe can be done.