This I Believe

Karen - Cheboygan, Michigan
Entered on April 17, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: love, parenthood

Every day my son and I do the same things, he gets up and goes to school and I do the laundry, dishes, and clean. Shortly after I finish my chores I go to school and get him . He gets in my car and ask me “did my dad call today?” And I will tell him “No not today he was probably really busy.” At this point we drive home without saying too much too each other we ask how each others day went. When we come to our house he will say “mom can you please stop and see if my dad has sent me a letter?” We look in the mailbox just to find some bills and junk mail: no letter. He looks at me with the wondering eyes why. I believe my that my son will be a better father.

Later that evening we have dinner and talk about little stuff and do our homework. After homework is done we watch TV and get ready for bed. I tell him that I love him and that I’ll see him in the morning. When morning comes so does the question that I dread to hear “mom do think my dad will call me today?” My heart sinks to my stomach as he looks at me searching for an answer that will make him feel that he is important to his father, and I tell him “your dad loves you but he is really busy trying to keep up with his bills and make sure that he can help me support you” even though he doesn’t help me and barely ever has towork, while telling him this I know that I’m lying to him, but I hope that one day he will thank me for being there for him and that he will not want to be like his father. I believe that my son will be a better father.

Lee 1 The next day we get up and eat our breakfast and get ready for school we tell each other to have a good day. After school, I pick him up and take him to football practice. After practice he gets in the car and says “this Saturday is parents day I will call my dad.” He comes home and makes his phone call nobody answers , so he sets down and writes a letter to him asking him to come to his parents day seeing how he hasn’t seen him play football one day in his life and he is 13. He gets no response from his father. I believe that my son will be a better father.

One spring day while sitting on my porch watching my son play with his baby brother, he is holding him, hugging him, and just loving him I can picture him with his own children doing the same, and at this point I realize that he will be a better father because I have always believed.