This I Believe

Christine - Boyne city, Michigan
Entered on April 17, 2007
Age Group: 30 - 50
Themes: pleasure

The Magic of Disney World

Imagine walking down streets filled with happy people. The sun is warming your skin as

the scent of exotic plants floats through the air. I have a feeling of almost being in a dream, like

I’ve stepped into another world. Somehow, the thought of cold, whipping wind, and icy, snow

drifted roads have been forgotten. I have, it seems, within a matter of a few hours, escaped

reality. This, I believe, everyone should do. My ideal place for families to spend time together

and leave the schedules of life behind, is Disney World.

The first time I took my children, the expression on their faces is a moment I’ll

never forget ; they looked as if they were going to burst with excitement. The only way I could

have turned their priceless smiles to frowns was to tell them we were leaving. For a moment,

they had forgotten about homework, cleaning their rooms, and bundling up to go outside and

wait for the school bus.

In Magic Kingdom, it’s evident that everything is in place. Friendly people are cleaning

the streets, movie theme music is playing, and characters that the entire world has grown up

with and watched on television, walk up to my children to shake hands , offering autographs

and a tight squeeze. Every detail of this utopia, from the waste basket to rooftop fits the same

theme and expresses joy, unity, and simplicity. Instead of the mismatch of everyday life, this

place seems to be all on the same page.

Johnson 2

The world we live in today has changed tremendously. We walk at a fast pace, with

emotionless people, that have the constant urge to make more money. Families need more

bonding time together that’s not centered around a television, computer, or play station. I

honestly can’t think of a better place for a family to go to make memories that will last a lifetime.

My children still talk about our trip and how amazing it was. We will definitely be going back

someday. I believe everyone should find a place that they can leave everyday life behind,

and for a moment, escape reality.