This I Believe

James - Johnson City, Tennessee
Entered on April 17, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

Its five o’clock, I’m in the library once more; tonight is going to be another long night. Why do I do this to myself? Why chase greatness when that journey undoubtedly entails headaches and lonely evenings? I think it’s a personal matter really. For me, pushing my mind to the limit of its capabilities is a top priority; everyone has their own priorities. I see people in the gym for several hours every day; in fact, I’m usually one of them. I see people going out with their friends on the weekends and having a great time. I too enjoy those nights. How is it then that I can complain about an overwhelming majority of library-bound afternoons and nights? I think that balance is the answer. Every person represents a scale on which their activities are weighed, and inclination toward one direction or the other brings stress in another area. I’m young, and I’m determined to get into medical school, so I study; oftentimes I spend entire weekends doing homework, and have very little “free time” for myself. Can I complain? Should I complain? The answer is no. I, like everyone else on the planet, have made a conscious choice about what goals I would like to pursue, and I must structure my life around the necessary activities which are conducive to achieving that goal. Does not going out with your friends because you have to write a paper suck? It most certainly does. However, when the dividends from your efforts are finally cashed in, your limited isolation will prove worth while.

Life is all about paying your dues and keeping in balance. Balance is what leads to a healthy and happy lifestyle. Sometimes it’s necessary to tip the balance in one direction or another, so you shouldn’t become discouraged when necessity compels you to do so; this isn’t a permanent change after all. Our choices and our desires, when made in light of our most fervent hopes and dreams, drive us to strive for the top, to accomplish great things. Imbalance and the emotions that come along with it, fear, anxiety, stress, are merely transitory. They too shall pass. Life is not always perfect; just remember that whenever you are striving, you are making progress, moving forward, and resetting the scale upon which you stand in a position which is overwhelmingly in your favor.