This I Believe

Emily - Tomball, Texas
Entered on April 17, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

By definition faith is a belief that is not based on proof. As a kid that was brought up in a church home I was constantly reminded of the effects of having a strong faith. Whether it is a major faith, like in God, family, and friends, or it be a slightly minor faith, like faith that the chair will hold you up when you sit or faith in your belt that you pants won’t fall down. I was always told stories in Sunday school about how you have to have faith to make it through rough situations.

Everyone has faith is something or someone. Young children have the most amount of faith because they still have innocence. They believe in things that aren’t there more easily than adults, who always seem to find a scientific explanation for things kids just know are there. Santa Claus being a perfect example. There is no doubt in a child’s mind that a fat, jolly man will bring them presents if they behave throughout the year. Picture the world if all children as well as adults would forever believe that Santa was watching their every move and grading them on their kindness.

My dad is one of the greatest men on the face of the planet. I don’t even want to imagine where I’d be without his endless love for me. Two years ago, he had a stroke. The whole family was devastated, especially me. Watching him struggle like that is something I could hardly handle, but he never gave up. His faith was like no other, it inspired everyone. He knew he’d get through this, and come out stronger than ever. He did just that. It took time and patience, but he healed completely. One day he told me that without faith, you’ll get nowhere.

He proved to me again that faith was a key ingredient to a healthy life when I went through my own little rebellious stage. Junior year I started hanging around some people that weren’t know for making good choices. Of course, I started doing things I knew I wasn’t supposed to. My parents caught me, eventually. They sat me down and talked about the choices I’d been making. I thought for sure that I had lost their love and there was no way I’d ever be trustworthy again. At the end of the talk, my dad said something that made me want to change. He told me that no matter what I did or no matter how much I tried to push them away, that he would always be there. He would always have faith that I would eventually come around and make the right decision. He and my mom would always, always love me no matter what. I was speechless.

From that day on I knew that this was the way that I wanted to live. To trust the untrustworthy. To love the unlovable. To have faith in the unbelievable. I believe that faith is all there is. Have faith in something, anything. Where would we be without it?