This I Believe

Cheryll - Taylor, Pennsylvania
Entered on April 17, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe in words unspoken being the best way to give advice and take it.

She didn’t need to tell me how upset she was because her tears did the talking. Being friends for ten years gives me the capability to read a friend’s mind anyway. That day she was acting differently, but I knew she would eventually leak it out to me. I was only sixteen when it happened, and I’m not so sure how old she was, because she pretended to be twenty six years old four or five times. Her daughter was my first real best friend, and that’s how I got so close with her. She practically became my second mother, not that I needed one or anything; she just innocently became one of the people I looked to for all my answers.

It was the normal summer day, I was at Amber’s house as part of one of my many weekly getaways, and like always I was helping with chores because I pretty much lived there too. Her mother and I were cleaning the turquoise colored, seashell infested bathroom. We did this routinely every week because the bathroom was one of the ornamented rooms in the house. Its theme included our new favorite movie, “Pirates of the Caribbean.” Something about having Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom watching while doing chores made it a bit easier to complete them.

However, today it wasn’t that easy to complete the cleaning because in the middle of our joking around and my venting session, she burst into tears. After my attempts to get her to stop, and my feet going numb from sitting on them, she gave in. Sitting in the giant glass tub together, she realized she had nothing else to lose, and I was taken aback by what she confided in me. I was in complete shock for her and her loss. Some people think I was too young to be told about such a mature occurrence, but she always treated me like I was an adult so it wasn’t that which put me in shock. I was the only one she told at the time, and that made me realize how much of a friend she had found in me and vice-versa.

I didn’t know what to say to her and hoped my tears would speak the words my mind could not find. Looking back, I know she knew I understood her pain. She didn’t need to tell me the horrid details of how it feels to lose a part of her, but if she wanted to share I would have listened because I lost it too. She taught me what its like to have a real friend and be loyal. I believe when I experienced her hardship with her, I knew I wasn’t going to be alone in my problems. Later that year, she didn’t need to say much when my world was flipped upside down. I knew she was feeling it too, and words would have got in the way.