This I Believe

Chelsea - moosic, Pennsylvania
Entered on April 17, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

The power of the mind, Can you believe it? I know it may sound demented, but the power of the mind is the best remedy I have discovered. When I was younger, I realized I had this unique talent. I had the power to cure an illness or temporarily dodge a massive headache. I figured that if I thought about the headache hard enough it would dissipate and exit my body. So one day I put my mind to the test and practiced the skill. What would yah know; power of the mind did work. Since then I have not used any over the counter prescription, not even Tylenol or Aspirin. However, that was not the only incident that made me believe in power of the mind. When my ex boyfriend and I broke up, I didn’t talk to him for about three months. Then one day I was watching television and our movie, Vanilla Sky, came on. Well, the whole day I spent thinking of him and I really ached from missing him, and then out of the blue he called me. Although we hadn’t talked in three months, he called me on the day that I was thinking of him strongly. That was the incident that really sent me over the edge. Just trust your mind and let it make things happen.