This I Believe

Britni - Moosic, Pennsylvania
Entered on April 17, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

This i Believe, words can hurt

11th grade cheerleading, it was time to fly. Building groups were picked, and the girls started complaining.

“I want her as my base!”

“She can’t lift me!”

“She doesn’t know how to fly!”

Groups were revised. Co-captain #1 needed strong bases. She was new at building, and she was afraid of heights. She really should be flying, right? She got the four strongest bases although she was the smallest girl. Co-captain #2 wasn’t the tiniest flyer in history. She took the next four strongest bases. Left was me, the most experienced flyer and the three skinniest girls on the squad. Yes, this was my build group and yes, this is where my feelings were hurt.

While practicing our load-ins into a full, my group was struggling the most.

“I can’t lift her, she’s too heavy.”

These were some of my best friends complaining about my weight. Not realizing the punches they were throwing at me, the snickering continued. I refused to fly anymore, and the squad started to notice why.

Throughout the year, the groups changed and so did the flyers. A new rule was set and there was to be no complaining about building. Even though my squad didn’t mean to put me down, their words sure did. Sometimes words can hurt more than physical pain. I ended up being the main flyer doing the craziest stunts.