This I Believe

Kaitlyn - nashua, New Hampshire
Entered on April 17, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

I have come to my senses and when I go to work the thing that keeps me going is telling myself that all people have some good in them. I say this in a not so direct way. I feel that people honestly all have good in them; they may just not be able to show it so easily.

I use to work at a Belletete’s Hardware for two years, not a very long time ago. The customers at this store were normally all regulars. You knew everything about them, from their first and last name, to their job and how many kids they have. Not only did I know everything about them, but they also wanted to know everything about me; you also got to share your life story. This job felt like home to me and I felt safe, every person in the store I knew would do anything for me, as I would them. It was honestly the best place to work.

As usual, along with the regulars and the nice customers came the grouchy, cold-hearted, mean people who seemed to have nothing better to do then be a complete ass to the cashiers and employees I had worked with. They had no excuse to be mean, they just were. I guess maybe they had a reason, and we could have never known.

There is one man who comes to mind when I think of a rude customer. A man in our store who was a regular; no one knew anything about him but he continually came into the store. We wondered why if he were so unsatisfied with the way we run the store why he would possibly come back. But he still came back till this day.

One day I was working alone and this man came in. Although, I personally unfamiliar with his behavior, I still knew he was a very rude man. Everyone in the store knew it too. I was actually looking forward to cashing him out. That very day he was obviously angry, no different from any other day. I killed him with kindness, as I would say. I smiled at him, asked him how he was, was very polite and very cheerful of which a grouchy person hated. I thought it was funny and enjoyed killing him with kindness.

I know that people can be rude and cold hearted and they could have just had a bad day. You don’t know anything about them or what has happened throughout there day or lifetime. Maybe just smiling and wishing them a good day could turn their whole day around. You could make all the difference in someone’s day offering them a nice day and smiling. And if you can’t then smile and laugh because it can help you get through the day, because everyone is good at heart, you just might not be the one to see the good.