This I Believe

norman - chicago, Illinois
Entered on April 17, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe beign humble is the best way to get through life. Humble is a great value that comes in helpful in any time or occasion of life. Since i was a kid, i was raise to respect and be humble towards others. This is something that if people would use or take in consideration for their own lives, this World would be a better place. From my own experiences i can say that most people that are wealthy or make more money than others tend to assume that their better than the rest. I was changing in the locker room after one of my Soccer games a few years ago and i notice this situation, one of the guys from my own team was bragging about his performance and telling everyone in there that he was the best, on the other side one of the guys form my own team too, that had much experience was quiet minding his own business and he had just played an amazing game. The quiet guy was getting more attention than the other loud guy. This made me realize that people don’t act humble because of the fact that they don’t get enough attention or their not brought up that way. At the end of the day i think this behavior could improve our society in all levels because, their wouldn’t any racism or discrimination, but than again their wouldn’t be a society because it needs good and evil. I guess live life by your own beliefs but try to judge others by the way you want to be judge, which is by the way you are.

This I believe.

Norman Astudillo