This I Believe

Reema - Des Plaines, Illinois
Entered on April 17, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

Nothing is more relaxing than sitting home with the family on a Sunday night watching America’s funniest videos. My family’s bonding time seems to be enjoying a night laughing. In the short time of laughter there is no pain, no worries and just pure happiness. It is a great feeling to just let loose and laugh.

I believe a good laugh is the only way I can go through life. No matter how bad things are, when you look back at it there has to be a little bit of humor that comes from it. I believe laughter is what gets me to move on when something bad happens.

When something bad would happen with a relationship whether it was my mom, dad, best friend or boyfriend I feel as if I need an escape, just a moment to forget about it and not worry about what is happening. I tend to hold onto bad things that happen in my life, or things that hurt me. I’ve learned that if I put in a funny movie; spend some time with my sisters or friends that having a good time and laughing always makes me feel better. It’s a moment to escape from reality and it feels really good.

I believe it is ok to laugh at yourself. I believe it is ok to laugh at something ridiculous you said, or did or have done before. I believe laughing at yourself is the same as accepting yourself for who you are. When you accept yourself for who you are you begin to love yourself, and loving yourself is the key to living a fulfilling life. Nothing feels better than waking up the next morning with sore abs because the night before was spent laughing at what you have been through. Laughing at yourself because you broke your arm skipping, or because you lost your front teeth riding into a tree the first day you learned to ride your bike. Laughing because you got your head stuck on the stairway railing just last year. Laughing because you were ran inside from the rain, but instead laid flat on your back because the sliding door was already closed. Laughing because of the many times you tripped down the stairs, the many times you thought left was really right, and the many times you tend to make up new words because you talk too fast. I believe it’s ok to laugh because sometimes that is the perfect medicine to all your problems.