This I Believe

Molly - Leawood, Kansas
Entered on April 16, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

The World Expands when you try New Things

Every individual grows up in a different culture and family that share opinions on things and beliefs. All people have different thoughts towards activities, food, jobs, money and personalities in individuals. The special thing about today is that all people have the freedom and will power to have their own opinion, and people should take advantage of that privilege.

Growing up I lived in a sheltered, loving family and it was pretty much close to perfect. I was a blessed and lucky girl that could experience all different kinds of opportunities. Over the years I started to create my own thoughts of what types of food I liked, music, movies, activities, and friends. Some of my thoughts may have changed as I got older, but they never seemed to change dramatically.

During the summers of 2005 and 2006, someone taught me greatly valued lessons in life, and one of them was to always try something new each day, and keep your options open. I spent half my summer horse showing with my horse trainer, Thomas Fahey, and a few other members of the barn. Thomas became an older brother to me and showed me the ropes of life. He was always teaching me new things and how to make wise decisions. His main belief was to always try new things, which he made me pursue each day.

Thomas figured out that I was disgusted by sushi and wouldn’t go near that type of food. After a long day horse showing, I had built up a big appetite and thought only about a juicy cheeseburger with fries. When I got into the car with Thomas to go to the restaurant, I thought we were going to the Outback Steakhouse. To my dismay, Thomas had pulled up in a lot without the Outback and without any restaurants that looked appealing. Suddenly I spotted a sushi restaurant and I knew he was taking me there. The menu looked foreign to me, but that didn’t matter because Thomas ordered for us. When the food came I was so hungry I didn’t care about the fact that is was sushi. Thomas gave me tips on how to eat it, and what went well together. The food turned out to be amazing and my taste buds agreed.

Sushi is now one of my favorite types of food to eat, and it is such a treat for me when I get to eat it. It is important for me to remember how much I hated sushi even before I tried it, but now it is one of my favorite foods.

I believe in keeping your options open and always trying something new each day. There are so many wonderful things in the world, but sometimes we are to quick to judge before we have tried or get to know them. Anything can disappear any moment, and that is why it is important to enjoy what is present around us and to try out new things. This is I believe.