This I Believe

Jessica - Virginia Beach, Virginia
Entered on April 16, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: work

“Working Hard Has Its Rewards”

Sometimes I ask myself: Is all this hard work really worth it? From the time I wake up to the time I go to sleep I have things to do that fill my every moment. I work full time, go to school, and take care of my family duties. I know in my heart I am doing these things for a reason. I believe that you must work hard for everything worth having in life.

I have been in college for four years now and I often wonder if it will ever pay off. I dream of having all the nice things in life. I am working for that end goal because I know that if I don’t work for it, it’s not going to be handed to me.

When I turned twenty- one my father bought me a brand new car for being the only child in the family that was going to college. I thought for once I was getting something just by having to stay in school. I was really in for a surprise. My father used that car against for everything including birthdays and holidays. Everyone in my family thought I was just being spoiled too. This is when I realized you really do have to work hard for things. In some way I was working harder for that car than it would have been if I had bought the car myself.

Working hard is something I feel I will always do for myself. I don’t ever want people to use what I did not do against me. I don’t want to be labeled spoiled or a leech. This is a struggle I deal with often. I want to work hard so I do not end up with nothing in life.

I am the only one in my family that has went to college, worked full time, and has had a great lasting relationship. I am beginning to see that all this hard work is paying off and everything I have that means something to me, I have worked hard for.