This I Believe

Benjamin - USA
Entered on April 16, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

There are no words to describe an event like that which the students at VA Tech experienced today. That’s why right now, you don’t hear CNBC or CNN or Fox NEWS discussing the actual events themselves. Being jawed over instead, are the endless ramifications of this event and, of course the causes. Oh, won’t we all feel warm and fuzzy again when we have an understanding of “why this happened.” You’ll hear liberals ramble about the unavailability of mental health counselors and other means of treatment and aid that could have identified the problems the perpetrator had and how this could have been avoided. You’ll hear conservatives discuss how we need more extensive security on college campuses, locked down classrooms and dorms, and a quicker response to these types of tragic and criminally-terrorist events. Yeah, those changes would better help serve the interests of the parties making those arguments than they would actually stop a tragedy such as this bloody massacre.

The plain fact is that everyone is missing the boat. People are capable of unthinkable acts. That will never change. No matter how many innocent lives are lost, how many families feel the anguish of a future denied another scholar, or how many of our precious freedoms we lose as Americans, the fact that you can not control people will never change. I have rarely heard, except from Michael Moore, about how gun control, or lack thereof, is to blame for these heinous events. You can’t control people, you can control guns. It seems so simple. Guns or the theory behind gun control is also simple. It works for everyone to have a gun, or no one to have a gun. If no one has a gun, no one needs one.

Now please, before you defenders of the Constitution, you devout Scalia-ites and worthy Bill of Rights venerators, begin chiming in with your ad-homonym attacks calling me a Socialist an idealist or worse, consider this: In the near future, humans and who knows who else will begin to see the world for what it is. People will begin to consider a machine that fires a lead projectile into the body of another human grotesque and backward. Then there will be no more guns. Then . . . there will be no more school shootings.

Right now, President Bush is “protecting” Americans from weapons of mass destruction by spending trillions of dollars in wars with Iraq and Afghanistan. I’d say that today, two automatic pistols acted as the most severe weapons of mass destruction this country has yet seen, outside of a few hijacked 737s. What are you going to do about those WMDs, Mr. President?