This I Believe

Mark - Richmond, Virginia
Entered on April 16, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: sports

I believe in a diamond…

A diamond with three strikes, three outs, and three bases (along with home plate). Baseball is not only the American pastime, but my pastime. I believe in it because it is one of the few things I can completely believe in. Most of my other believes have the possibility to change throughout my life, and I want it to be that way; I don’t want to be tied down to deep spiritual believes or ideas that I shape my life around. For me baseball has and will be my one steady belief. I know that my ideas are constantly changing and will be for the rest of my life depending on whom I meet or what tests I am put through. Anchoring myself to a guiding principle isn’t something I want to do. Instead I simply believe in Baseball.

Baseball has always been part of my life. Right after I was born my father held me and watched the 1989 World Series in San Francisco which continued despite an earthquake. When I was very young my grandparents gave me an old wool Yankees uniform which would spark my first interest in baseball and cause the Yankees to be my favorite team. Tee ball and coach pitch were a blast and my love of baseball grew, but it could hardly be considered a “belief” of mine yet. Some of my most emotional and best memories of my childhood are of championship games or come from behind wins in little league. I also played soccer and lacrosse, and it wasn’t until after I gave those sports up and only kept with baseball that it began to define my life.

One day during seventh grade my friends had been throwing food across the cafeteria at another group of kids, and we all got in trouble. My parents scolded me and were very upset with me. But my father still took me to my baseball game that evening. At the start of the game I stood under the lights on the mound and realized that for the next six innings everything off the field, getting in trouble or the test I had the next day, didn’t matter. No matter what happened outside the diamond the mount would still be 65.5 feet away from home plate, the ball would still feel the same in my hand, and there would still be three outs per inning.

My life is always changing and my guiding ideas to it will also continue to change. But Baseball may have its ups and downs but the rules will always be the same and it will always be something I can believe in. After I stop playing I’ll still be able to go to games, watch them on television and coach. Baseball will always be something I will believe in.