This I Believe

Ashleigh Gann - Eden, North Carolina
Entered on April 16, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

Today I am a bird. Tomorrow I’ll be a plane. Next week I can be a hot air balloon. I am famous today. I’ll be an astronaut tomorrow. Next week I can take over the world.

What I dream doesn’t have to stay a dream. I determine whether my fantasies stay within my mind or become reality. I don’t tell myself it cannot happen. I ask myself how soon can I make it happen.

I no longer have to sit on the couch and watch “The Fabulous Life of…” and say to myself, “Man why can’t I be like them? I want to be rich and famous.” Instead, I call the airport and get the next flight to Los Angeles. I pack my bags and search for a manager and prepare myself for many auditions. Soon after, I will become rich and famous.

I don’t have to stay at home and watch romantic movies and sob my heart our because I only dream. I could have a nice looking sweetheart. I get myself dressed up and go out for a night on the town where real men exist. There I will find the man of my dreams.

I could be the next Lance Armstrong. I will have to do a lot of workouts to burn off all of the fast food oiled up inside me and drink a lot of water rather than guzzling liters of soda, but I can do it. Reading a lot of books and focusing mainly on school could even result in my being the next Albert Einstein.

I know if I don’t act on my dreams they will stay dreams forever. I don’t settle for less when I know I can make more happen. I live everyday like I am a rock star or a super hero. Not because I wear a cape or because I have millions of devoted fans, but because I dream I can be. If I dream it, I can do it.

Life is all about what I make of it. In life the sky is the limit. This is why I believe I can fly.