This I Believe

Alec - Summerfield, North Carolina
Entered on April 16, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: peace

I began talking to one of my friends on AIM at the end of the day. I started by asking how her day went. I got the response, “Oh my god I almost got into a fight today!” I sat there for a second thinking about why one would use such enthusiasm to describe getting into such a violent act. She began to describe the beginning of the situation to me about how she had been walking through her school courtyard at the end of the day and someone happened to bump into her. Her next course of action was turning around and yelling “Hey hussy! You don’t need to push me!” This one line initiated a huge two-sided armada of yelling teens, cursing and threatening each side. My friend had had previous confrontations with this certain person, rude remarks had been exchanged and evil looks traded off making the tension of this situation rise to the boiling point immediately.

This is where my belief sets in, my opinion in how to deal with everyday life and how to deal with the strife and filth out there. I believe in shutting (the hell) up. That’s right, shutting (the hell) up. At first glance this creed sounds ignorant, just another teen blasting his angry thoughts out on paper. But humor me, at least. In my friend’s situation, I put myself in her shoes and imagine myself walking along that pretty green courtyard when suddenly I feel an offensive push to the shoulder. Do I turn around and make a big deal? No, I shut (the hell) up and move along, move on with my life. Turning around and making an ordeal out of a shove to the shoulder, whether I’ve dealt with the vicious cur or not, would be fueling a plot to piss me off even more and start something. Ignoring it would have made me the victor in this situation. Not being affected by a person who’s out to get me will bug him much more than any violent physical action that I could ever throw at them. I believe in shutting the hell up just for the sole purpose of growing up and getting over the inept and plain old annoying people and or situations in this world. This one belief will put me on top of situations that confront me in the future, making, me the “bigger man” of the outcome.

People might piss me off, and drive me to the edge of insanity, and I, probably more than anyone, would like to shove my size 11 Chuck Taylor’s quite a long way up their intestinal tract, but I believe in shutting (the hell) up. I never use violence, I never talk filth behind people’s back, I never try to outdo, I never stoop down to the people that hate me’s level, I simply shut (the hell) up.