This I Believe

Heather - Cheapeake, Virginia
Entered on April 16, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

My number one priority

I believe in alone time. There are many times in life that my family and friends come together and enjoy each other’s company, but I believe in alone time. There are many times that my schedule is planned minute by minute, but I believe in alone time. Everyone has that special someone that they don’t think that they could ever spend a minute without, but I believe in alone time.

The best cure for a long rough day is to take time for myself. This time is set aside to be spent doing nothing but relaxing. I make no schedule, to do list, or phone calls. The only thing that I focus my thoughts on is the thought of the next magazine or book that I want to read and my favorite ice cream, moose tracks, which I never treat myself to because of the latest diet that I may be pursuing. My train of thought consists of anything that I want it to. The best setting for my alone time is a cozy chair placed in the corner of my dimly lit bedroom. During this time, it is even acceptable to turn all of the lights off and cry. The normally very busy cell phone can be turned off and set aside, because I believe in alone time.

The main reason for making time to be alone is strictly to benefit myself and only myself. Although many times my body does not crave this time, it still has the need for it. In a society that lives off of fast food and cell phone calls while driving to their next destination, alone time is needed for reconnection with one’s self. This time allows me to make myself my number one priority, and it rejuvenates my soul for the upcoming hardships that I know I will face.

Alone time does not have to be a whole day set aside that is planned in advance. It can be a spontaneous thought that lasts for thirty minutes. The last time that I experienced alone time was during the school week and I knew that I could not afford to waste any time with my school work. I saved my reading assignment until the end of the night and curled up in my chair with my most comfortable pajamas. Although the book that was being read was not my choice, I still used this time to accomplish a school assignment as well as wind down. With busy schedules I sometimes have to settle for what I am able to fit into my schedule.

When you feel like there is nothing or no one who cares anymore, remember that you have a friend in yourself. My time spent alone has always seemed to be much needed and well deserved; however, many times I go for weeks without ever experiencing it. I believe that an interesting book and a cozy chair can change my entire attitude and outlook on life. I believe in alone time.