This I Believe

Marci - Plano, Texas
Entered on April 15, 2007
Age Group: 30 - 50
Themes: nature

I Believe In Trees

I grew up in a large tree at the bottom of a steep hill of a backyard in Pennyslvania. This tree nourished and comforted me as much as a family member. Her limbs were long and perfect for climbing and at the highest point, I could look out over the hills and sing, my voice being carried over the tree tops while being rocked and swayed by the whispering of her leaves and branches. When my home was too noisy, confusing or full, I sauntered down the hill to the open limbs of my tree, hiding up in her leaves, at peace.

Trees here in Texas struggle. There is never enough water, rich enough soil, or a development that has not run them down. To find a wide limb beauty takes work, to find that resting place, that piece of shade, is difficult, but not impossible. When I take my children on our hikes to East Texas, or down to the Hill Country or mostly our own Bob Woodruff park, we acknowledge the swaying sycamores and the towering oaks and appreciate even more their majestic strength in a landscape so tortured.

We need trees. in the hot summer evenings to cool our homes, to provide shelter from the glaring sun, to give us places to hide and to block out the ugly sprawl. I believe in trees, i believe we are healthier physically, and emotionally by the limbs that reach out to protect us and connect all to the earth and sky. If we take the time and listen we will be greeted with thier shimmering tidings, and whispers of well wishes that trees are willing to share.