This I Believe

Jeremy - Valley Stream, New York
Entered on April 15, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: legacy, respect

I believe in a certain respect, to the majority of the people who have ever lived on Earth. I believe in respect to the people who least often get it because “Oh, it doesn’t matter!” I believe in respecting the people who have been considered to have “passed away” because they are still here, within the hearts of everyone who cares about them, and everyone has left an important impact on the world, no matter how long ago. These people do matter to their family and friends who have to live without them. This I believe.

The only reason why I remember people showing me some of the most gruesome videos possible without actors or special effects, is because I have a horrifying image stuck in my head of a friend laughing at someone who died very painfully. I wonder how ignorant a person must be to be amused by the death of another human being. I also wonder if they realize what it would be like to be in the spot of the victim’s family crying daily over the loss of a close brother, or sister, or mother, or father, or cousin, or uncle, or aunt, or any other person in the world who cares. I think that the media is to blame for this all. With TV shows like “America’s Funniest Home Videos” which seems to show many painful stunts, like jumping off your roof, and “Scarred” where the main point of the show is to show the most painful accidents in the country. These TV shows tell America that it is alright to enjoy watching others in great pain. Another example of this is: I decided, as an experiment, to search “painful” on Youtube (a popular video sharing website). I was very annoyed to find that the first video called “Painful Accidents” had 240,000 views, was rated 4/5 stars, and was put under the category of “Comedy”. Finally, although this is not a traumatizing event in my life, it still helped me to discover an important fraction of what I believe in.

I believe that the people who are still living are not the only important people in the world, and people should realize that every person who once lived in the world had a lasting impression on what they were leaving behind. Although that person may not still be alive to be hurt or offended by your comment or gesture, the people who care about them are, no matter how long ago that person died. I conclude by saying that even if this is not a big problem in the world, or a heartwarming essay about how I overcame the obstacles in my life, this I believe.