This I Believe

Mary - Rhome, Texas
Entered on April 15, 2007
Age Group: 50 - 65
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We All are The One

I learned as a child, that everyone has a spark of the Divine in them. This beautiful thought held me in good stead for many years. But, as I matured in my system of belief, something new grew from that thought. I began to feel an intimate connection with the world around me. I remember the first time I opened my eyes and knew the trees were just as alive and sentient as I. I realized that not only was I part of everything around me, but that everything around me was also part of me. Rather than having a spark of the Divine within me, I was divine, just as all things are, by whatever name one wishes to call that. My dad said such thinking was sacrilegious. He didn’t understand. Having the knowledge that all things, including myself, are divine, I was no longer free to judge indiscriminately. Every time I judged someone else, I also judged myself, because we are all built from the same cloth, part of the same house. And a house divided against itself cannot stand.

This belief expanded when I returned to college and read Hawkings Brief History of Time as part of a New Testament course. Something Hawkings said created a framework that reinforced my belief in the divinity of all things. He described an experiment that involved passing a single light atom through two barriers, one with a single slot and one with two. In the first instance, the shadow created by the light atom was crisp and clean, demonstrating the atom had taken a single path. When the barrier had two slots, the shadow created by the atom became fuzzy. This indicated to Hawkings that apparently the atom had taken not a single path through the slots, but many.

This brought into focus for me, an understanding of the workings of the Divine. Since I believe all things are the Divine, the Divine then is like the single atom. From this, I developed a maxim summing up my belief which provides, for me, an understanding of our divergent paths. Like the atom, “We are all manifestations of the same Deity, seeking every possible path to our destination.”

It’s not always easy to remember this in a world of crime, anger and conflict. However, it helps me to be more considerate, more compassionate, more understanding. When I look at someone, I am reminded hat I am looking upon myself. That person, too, is the eyes, ears, hands, and mouth of the Divine, and as such, deserves to be seen, heard and understood, whether or not I agree of him or her. It also helps me remember that every tree, stone, drop of water is also that Divine wholeness and, as such, deserves my honor and my protection just as much as my friends and family. After all, in my mind, we are all the same.