This I Believe

Jean - Salt Lake City, Utah
Entered on April 14, 2007
Age Group: 50 - 65


When I first heard this program, I had to stop and think “what do I really believe – anything?

I believe that plants, flowers, art, music and being alone encourage serenity, and tranquility in my life; that reading, research and writing add to wisdom.

I believe that deep breathing, yoga and exercise are vital for health and wellness. I believe that singing releases my soul.

I believe a well arranged, appointed and ordered home bring about feelings of security and harmony.

I believe that happiness is in my own soul, is fleeting, and is a choice I make for myself day-by-day and that everyone has their own description of it and prescription for bringing it about.

I believe that good wine shared with someone I enjoy being with brings about a sense of belonging and renewal.

I believe that there is nothing more inhibiting to prosperity in my life than fear – fear of failure, reprisal, loss, and fear of the unknown.

I believe in God and that through His grace there is forgiveness and hope, and that physical death is not the end of our journey.

Like sports, I believe that life is a combination of bitter and sweet, triumph and defeat and that each experience on our journey reveals our hearts.

Most of all, I believe that if you have one person in your life with whom you can be truly and totally honest, you are truly blessed.