This I Believe

Donnalee - Clarkston, Georgia
Entered on April 14, 2007
Age Group: 30 - 50
Themes: love

Before You Go

I believe that we should tell those we care about how we feel about them every chance we get. I believe even if you are angry at someone you should let them know that you are feeling that way and why. I truly believe that we should never leave things unresolved with those we care for, because when you lose someone you care about and you have unresolved issues it is very difficult to move on or overcome.

This is true whether you lose that person to death or some other force. My family has suffered a great loss. The suicide of my dear sweet brother-in-law who was much too young to leave so soon, his death taught me this valuable lesson. Over the past seven years I have watched my husband and mother-in-law cry and turn them selves into complete basket cases whenever spring comes around to mark the anniversary of his death. The question being asked is, why? Why didn’t we tell him we loved him, why didn’t we make time for him, and let him know we were here for him?

I tell my children to always stop and appreciate those who are important to them. I for one tell them each day how much I love and appreciate them; and when I am disappointed I am always sure to point that out too. I believe we should always leave an open line of communication with our loved ones. This I believe.

Donnalee Lawson-Williams