This I Believe

Stephen - New York, New York
Entered on April 14, 2007
Age Group: 50 - 65

“This I believe” – the phrase itself is as comforting as it is reassuring.

To know what I believe.

To write it down on paper, to capture it, to have it declared.

The pure luxury of certainty.

Like crawling beneath fluffy down covers on a huge sheltered bed.

Wrapping myself in the warmth of it all – clinging to my belief like a lover.

In love, intoxicated, infatuated with what I believe.

Possessive, protective.

Defending it as a treasure – never to be tarnished, sullied or soiled.

My treasure, my belief – mine – alone, trembling, scared.


God grant me the wisdom to leave my beliefs softly written.

Tenuous, half expressed, expectant.

Uncaptured, unbound, ephemeral, delicate.

Like a butterfly beating frail wings of faith against a swirling wind of doubt.

Innocent to the world, beautiful in its fragility, heartbreaking in its courage.

Untamed, unpossessed, unpossessing.

Not one or two.

Not mine or yours but silent sparkling multitudes

Breathlessly aflutter. Our beliefs

No one more special than the next.

Each naked with potential in the blinding light of eternal hope.

All tiny and mortal and superb. All equal in the eyes of God.

God grant me the joy of seeing them all flourish

Witness to the unimaginable, vast canopy of individual colors and shapes and sizes.

To celebrate yours as much as mine. To share and be shared.

To learn and grow and exchange, to re-create and multiply.

We are our beliefs – let them not be rigid or rude or exclusive or forced.

Let them be free and take flight.

Let them intermingle and dance together.

Embrace and kiss and love in the shear pleasure of each other’s company.

One may fall, many may be blown away. We persist.

It is up to us.

God grant us the humility to not let our beliefs become heavy or grave,

Let us not allow them to bury us under the weight of self importance.

Let us not be trapped in a cage or walled in or imprisoned.

Let our beliefs set us free.

God grant us the generosity to believe in one another.

It is the one gift we have for each other.

Our beliefs – they are the best we can offer and all that remains.

This I believe.