This I Believe

Maleka - Johnson City, Tennessee
Entered on April 13, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

Fighting for your dreams

There comes a time in the semester when you just don’t want to study anymore. There are birds chirping in the sunshine and friends heading out to the beach while you wistfully wave goodbye. At that point you ask, is the upcoming embryology or organic test really that important? If school is as important as it is hyped up to be, how come nobody else is worried about it? I believe in buckling down, resisting temptation, and getting through these trying moments. For when you ace the organic class and graduate with honors, the time spent slaving in front of a book seems suddenly worthwhile. When you interview for graduate school, medical school, or your dream job, you enter the room with the assurance that you did what you could to be as qualified as you can. Your mind rests secure in the fact toughing it through the university years provided you with the machinery for overcoming obstacles for the rest of your life.

I believe that mornings when you wake up dreading the MCAT or the GRE are worth living because they are more than obstacles to be overcome before graduate or medical school. By taking these tests, you demonstrate to yourself that you have the drive, perseverance, and endurance to keep going and fight for your future. That you did not and will not join the group partying in the middle of the semester because being a professional partier is not your goal in life. And thus at 3:00 am your roommates walk in from the nearest bar swaying from the effects of too much alcohol. Having just returned from the library, you lock the door behind them swaying from the effects of alkenes and fatigue.

I believe in finding friends and mentors that help you get inebriated with school work. In the wee hours of the night as one group of friends is partying hardest, I believe in having another group of friends deeply immersed in the studying process. I believe in finding professors that guide and inspire so that studying for their subject brings satisfaction instead of frustration. I believe that battling negative influences with calm, collected colleagues and mentors helps you wring the most out of your education. I believe that overcoming these negative influences might be the hardest thing you’ve ever faced, but it will pave the way for a lifetime of self-confidence and trust.