This I Believe

Sara - Spearfish, South Dakota
Entered on April 13, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: hope

I Believe in Rainbows

I believe in rainbows; in the brilliant shades of color reflecting off of an ending mist which arc gracefully through rain-freshened air. Grey clouds can now throw off their depressing dreariness and consistency and turn into something touchingly magical. Tilt back your head in reverence for the glowing promise hanging wistfully above the muddy, sharp smelling earth.

I believe in rainbows, in the promises for the future, in the simple wondrously thought impossibility becoming a sight to draw in with a single glance. They are the simple brilliance of a dream that is right there before your eyes. I speak to you of dreams, not of goals, not those tasks which we assign ourselves to laboriously complete, but dreams. Dreams that we speak of in the barest of whispers, for if they were spoken any louder they would shatter. They are secret desires of our soul that we feel we have no right to pursue, yet their simple existence gives us hope.

Hope is what drives us; it is the force that sees us through the hard times. It is the fuel for our joy, for our success. Behind every achievement is the hope for that achievement. And before there was hope there was a dream, a promise of something better, something more. Everyone needs a dream. Without one we soon lose our hope of the hard times getting better, we soon lose our promise of a future. We forget what life is really about.

Sometimes people make goals that aren’t parallel to their dreams, and then after achieving these goals they simply feel a loss of existence, a loss of purpose, a feeling of ‘what next?’ This is followed by a realization that they never stopped to consider their dream. They never took the time to get to know themselves and what they truly desired to do. Instead they had formed a plan, a very businesslike ideal, and through sheer determination saw it become reality. Instead they set themselves aside, only to lose all of the reasons for living, only to lose all the joys of a dream.

Take time to consider life, to consider that all the colors of the world are present in the simple arc hovering outside your window. Step outside and enjoy the cool squish of the satiated earth, and the swish of the slick, almost neon green grass. Take a moment to smell that fresh, new world that was created in the cleansing rain. In that moment you can feel the start of a dream budding in your chest, and if you look up you will see the ripening of that very same dream blossoming in an arc across the sky.