This I Believe

Orreth - Groton, Connecticut
Entered on April 13, 2007
Age Group: 30 - 50
Themes: immigrant

I was born in rural Jamaica in 1969, out of wedlock. I am supposedly the first son of Elder Brown’s bastard son and I inherited all the discriminations my bastard father suffered then and is still suffering today. Not only was he a bastard; he was also black, and even though my black mother herself didn’t like blacks, I nevertheless grew up with self acceptance and self worth.

In 1994 I migrated to the USA and in 1996 enlisted in the US Navy where I served a total of eight years. I served because I believed in the promise of America and wanted to help maintain the reign of the USA because of its special and unique constitution and bill of rights. In 2002 I became Orreth Tafari and a US citizen.

March 28, 2007 – I reemphasize March 2007- I was in Ocala FL looking for a new place to relocate to from New England. I located a home I could afford to purchase in the Ocala National Forest and I got very excited – the price was right- but my excitement quickly turned to harrow as I was confronted by a man and a boy claiming to be KKK members. The man called me names and maid many threats of violence and destruction of property should I buy in their neighborhood. As other members were been called to come and help drive the “N” out of “our neighborhood” I jumped back into my rented car and sped out of the aria. City police were called and they gave me the County sheriff’s number; they were called but they took no written statement. Their response was less than satisfactory and down right cold.

The whole experience got me thinking: Noah had three sons, one went to Europe, one to Africa, and the other to Asia. We are all descendants of one man; we are all cousins whether we like it or not. We must not allow our selves to hate others because they look different than we do. If we must judge let’s do so based on the content of ones character and not his/her skin tone. This I believe.