This I Believe

Molly - Kansas City, Missouri
Entered on April 12, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: love

The Difference between Meaning It and Feeling It

I love you. We have all heard it, we have all said it, and most of us know how to spell it, but how many of us can actually mean it? To those who do mean it, do you honestly know what you mean? I believe in the power of the words I love you. Those 3 simple words might just be one of the most common phrases used in the world.

In my life experiences I have seen and been through many types of love. The one experience that has led me to believe in the power of the words I love you is when I graduated from 8th grade. As my brother and I grew up we were not very close. We often wouldn’t speak for days and when we did it wasn’t nice. When I graduated from 8th grade he had written me a short card that had not shown any of his emotions but at the end of this extremely short card was the most important thing in the card. The simple words “I love you” inscribed by his lazy handwriting.

At that point in my life I had felt many different types of love at many different times but in that moment different feelings of love came back to me. The feelings that the words left created a new person inside of me. I had heard my parents, my grandparents, cousins, my aunts and uncles, my friends, and ex boyfriends say it, but when my brother who had never admitted to ever loving anything said those to me I felt that those words had created a new beginning for me as I left behind a part of my life. It was at that moment when I felt the true power of the words.

There is a difference between meaning it and feeling it even if you do feel it you might not have even been exposed to its true meaning. It’s rare that people are able to feel this in there life time, luckily I am one of them. This essay to me is not about looking for love its about finding the power of love, and understanding what you are finding.