This I Believe

lauren - laporte, Indiana
Entered on April 12, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

I Believe

I believe in changing your hair up a little bit. Whether it is your haircut, color or style, change is a good thing. I need change, if I didn’t I would get bored with my hair. If I still had the same hair that I did in high school I’d cry. In the last year my hair got cut and went from blonde to brown and back to blonde again. People change, so why wouldn’t you want to change your hair too?

I believe in laughing at bad hair. I like when people have really bad hair. Take my best friend for example. She still has the same haircut that she had in high school. You can defiantly tell. She has a big forehead like me, no side swept bangs, two different layers and her plain brown hair parted down the middle. Defiantly a plain Jane haircut, that goes with a plain Jane personality. And worse of all, she takes forever to do it because she has curly hair and has to straighten it every morning. What the fuck.

I also believe in doing your hair yourself. Many times I have had my hair done by a “professional” and it tuned out bad. My once-stylist bleached out my hair three times just to get it the way I wanted. I used to have blonde hair and wanted copper underneath. Instead she turned it Bozo orange. I had to tell her no. Its not copper, its ORANGE. Then she had to bleach it two more times to turn it to white. After that I old myself ‘I will never get my hair dyed by a professional ever again.’ And I haven’t. I think my hair turns out better when I dye it from Wal-Mart boxed hair dye from anyways. So that’s when I started dying my own hair and using extensions.

I believe in extensions. I know my hair changes from week to week, and many people may think I,m drying my hair but my little sections of hair that transform are fake! I use extensions so I don’t ruin my hair. All you have to do is part your hair down the middle and glue the strip of hair to your scalp. Its really hard to explain until you see it done. I have extensions in all different colors and lengths so I can show off whatever kind of mood I’m in. Now that I have discovered extensions, I don’t have to dye my hair to get the layers of color I want. You just go to any Chinese shop and pick out the color that catches your eye, or the same color you have, and they give you the color you choose. The different lengths of hair are different. Long hair is usually around 35 dollars and shorter hair is 25. But you can usually bargain with them, so its always really cheap.

I believe in dry hair. I love the volume that my dry hair looks like after I wash it. I never have to put products in it either. I don’t know what I would do if I had oily or normal hair, because I can go days without washing it and getting it greasy. Even when my stylist bleached out my hair three times in a row, it still came out looking very silky and soft.

I believe in no ponytails. I think ponies are when people hate their hair and have nothing else to do with it. So that’s why my hair is always short. I think long hair looks good on a select few, but it kind of gets old. And I hate taking an hour out of my life just blow drying and doing my hair. When I see people who wear their hair up everyday, it just makes my wonder why. Why would you ever do that to your hair anyways? You know your just damaging it!

Hair is a good thing. Everyone’s different and your hair should be different too. You know you’ve passed some people and loved their hair. Why wouldn’t you want to change your hair like theirs? Wouldn’t it look better? Maybe you should try it. Change your hair up a little bit.