This I Believe

Gavin - Fairbanks, Alaska
Entered on April 12, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

This I Believe,

I have friends all over the world.

With the age of communication at hand relationships between people who live across the world happens everyday and is an influence upon on everyone’s life. I believe that whether or not you meet someone in “real life” does not factor about how well of a friend they are. Everyday people are criticized because they have an on-line life more than a “real” life. It is unfair that these people are treated as if they lead second-rate lives and that without betterment of themselves they will lead unproductive, uneventful, and meaningless lives.

I fit the description of these people and often happen to be the butt of many jokes about my on-line life. I play along with the joke most of the time even though I feel that in many cases my on-line life is more precious to me than my “real” life. I have met countless friends playing on-line games, many of which I still talk to and a few that I have gone to meet in real life. With the introduction of the internet, a network of support and friendship has revealed itself that aids people everyday.

I believe the reason many people turn to on-line games or spend hours in chat rooms is because in many cases they have made friends on-line that they can talk to better than anyone else they know, people truly have no reason to belittle a person for having a friend that is on the other end of a computer. The friends I have made on-line are some of the nicest people I have met throughout my life and I would not change it at all.

Regardless if you see a person face to face, or you have to talk through a headset, the relationship that you share with the person is the same and if someone talks through a headset, there is no need to ridicule them. It is important to recognize that these are still people with valid thoughts and valid ideas.