This I Believe

Fred - Rohnert Park, California
Entered on April 12, 2007
Age Group: 50 - 65

For 22 of my 60 yrs. were spent in juvenile hall’s, Cal. Youth Authorities, State prisons, & mental hospitals. See, i had a Dad that beat me too the point that i have never been able to produce a child, & organic brain damage.

I was “FORCED” as a child to go to a Catholic school, to make my first communion, & confirmation. Not only was i beat, “HORRENDOUSLY” at home. the nuns at this Catholic school beat me with a ruler, just for talking in class. So, too say the least, i was angry with GOD, & truly a confused 12 yr. old boy.

One day when my mom had just passed on, in 1971, when i was about 24, i was hooked on heroin, & running from my parole, the “LORD, JESUS CHRIST of Nazareth” touched me in a small storefront church. HE filled me with HIS HOLY SPIRIT, & my life suddenly changed. GOD showed me HIS Love, & let me know that i had to experience all that i had in order to share my Testimony with other”s. I have been to juvenile hall”s, schools, & prisons, giving my Testimony, & sharing GOD’S Love with all who will listen. GOD did a “MIRACLE” in my life & HE is coming back to this earth soon, to set up HIS Government, & HE is NOW looking for volunteer’s to be King’s, & Priest’s in HIS soon coming Government, won’t you volunteer?.