This I Believe

Tyler - saco, Maine
Entered on April 12, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

Videogames Are Not the Problem……

Many people in today’s society will not claim responsibility for their actions. They try and find a scapegoat. Videogames have been a commonly used scapegoat recently. Therefore, I believe that videogames are not the reason that kids are violent. Poor parents are the ones to blame.

Videogames have been a big part of my life; from the time I was five years old to now. My parents have been good parents, disciplining me when necessary but not being too restrictive. They have also let me play videogames of all ratings. They know that I am responsible enough to not be easily influenced by the games I play. The reason I am not easily influenced is because my parents taught me not to be. That is the problem with most parents today, they are easily caught up in their own lives and don’t have time to teach their kids important lessons like that. I am lucky that my parents took the time to teach me that. Kids think that because they do something while playing videogames that they can do it in real life. When I thought that, my parents disciplined me and told me that what you do in videogames you don’t do in real life. This especially came true when I played Grand Theft Auto for the first time. Like many kids, I would run around killing countless people and stealing cars. My parents, when I bought the game, said that if they thought that I was becoming influenced to do anything bad, they would take the game away. I really liked that game and didn’t want it taken away, so I never thought twice about letting the game be the game, and my life be my life, two separate things. Many parents, if their kids start acting bad, just yell at them. That is not the way to discipline a child correctly. They have to fear doing the same bad thing twice, not just get yelled at for everything they do wrong. Now I’m not advocating abusing children, but they need to know that they have done wrong.

All I am saying is that people need to accept responsibility for their own actions and not blame it on something else. I’m not saying that parents are the only reason for kids to commit violence, but what I am saying is that they have a lot to do with it. Videogames have nothing to do with kids committing violence. This I believe.