This I Believe

Ashley - Chicago, Illinois
Entered on April 11, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: love

The lights are turned down, and the screen is illuminated once again. You look next to the seats to the right and left of you and see a good friend, a family member, a loved one – whomever you’re enjoying the evening with. The film is about to begin and as it proceeds, you become entranced with the characters. You begin to find yourself lost within the depths of the relationships and the hardships two lovers must overcome in order to secure a “happily ever after”. You might cry. You might laugh. You might even feel angered or distraught. Yet, somehow, the movie is REAL. It moves you in ways you feel on a day to day basis; and the relationships found within this film – although quite dramatized – are real to you also.

In our lives, we all have our individual convictions and personal beliefs that manipulate us into the characters we become. They come to form the basis of our being and the fundamentals of our thought processes and decision making habits. Much like the emotions one feels when watching a character in a film finally find true love, this emotion is also beautiful in reality.

For me, my central belief is love. I believe in this fantasized ideal type of love. I believe that, if an individual chooses to open themselves up so completely, to be fully honest with another person, this type of mystified love can indeed become authentic. Of course many might disagree and state this essay is the delusional ranting of a love struck teenager, but I beg to differ. I, speaking personally, am not the type of person to easily accept and welcome such a strong commitment. I am not cold or incomplete, I just am not personally in a rush to be in a full – on relationship. At least I thought…

After meeting my current boyfriend, I learned that love is actually quiet a positive influence. Although there are times when both of us become frustrated and of course no one is perfect, being in our relationship has taught us both meaningful lessons that we continue learning from each other. I am indeed happy with my life and feel that my preconceived notions were premature and are no longer as highly regarded. Prior to the relationship beginning, I was more focused on bettering myself – finding out who I was. The relationship has not held me down in that aspect, but it has shown me how to cooperate and compromise with another individual, rather than remain selfish.

The relationship has also taught me that in order to transition and better one’s self, one must first allow themselves to love themselves. This sounds most cliché, but is a central truth that more people should adhere to. When a person is able to accept their insecurities, their flaws, the imperfections – it is only then they are completely able to love themselves as well as others. When an individual finds themselves happy with their internal and external lives, it comes out toward others and that same positivity is attractive.

So, as I grow older and come to learn more about myself and those I love, I come to acknowledge: I believe in love.