This I Believe

Max - San Francisco, California
Entered on April 11, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

This I believe.

I believe in possibilities. All of them. I believe it is possible that humans evolved from a line of hominid apes. I also believe it is possible that we were created in one day by the God of Christianity in his own image. I believe it is possible that we are governed by a small group of reptilian aliens disguised as human beings who keep extensive records of the human breeding programs that they coordinate. I believe it is possible that there are mystics in India who can travel among the stars of the universe through the practice of meditation. I believe it is possible that shamans can travel to other worlds and talk to animal spirits. I believe in the possibilities of Jesus, Moses, Mohammed, Buddha, Vishnu, Brahma, Shiva, and the great void of the Tao. I believe in the possibilities of the laws of physics, the forces of gravity, electromagnetism, and the strong and weak nuclear forces.

I believe in the power of all possibilities as stories and the ability of stories to influence the ways that we live and think. Differences of language and culture can tell the same story in different ways, from different perspectives. I believe that all of the ways that we create to tell the story of our world are possible and accurate, each from its own perspective. I believe that the Grand Theory of Everything must allow for that to be true.

I believe that stories can change the world. I believe that the dominant story that is being told in the world here and now is perhaps not the story that most of us would like to tell. It only tells of one possibility. I believe that this story is being told because of fear; it is a ghost story told to keep us from telling other stories. It is a story that doesn’t do well in the presence of other stories because it is not very interesting or beautiful.

It is the story of a world that can only operate with laws and rules that are eternal and governments that are powerful and unmovable. It is a story of endless competition over limited resources to survive. It is a story without hope of other things: it is stagnant and unchanging. It is difficult to think of a new story, but I believe that many, perhaps an infinite amount of stories, must exist. The key to finding them is to look outside the current story. What story do the stars tell? Or the ladybugs? Or the dolphins?

I have my own story of the world. It is difficult for me to hear it sometimes because the dominant story is being told constantly by the media and the history books, and they are loud and overwhelming. My story is a fairytale. It’s characters are magical beings who navigate a cosmos of possibility, where reality is often very different from the way that it appears, and it is constantly changing. I haven’t finished my story yet.

I don’t believe in endings. I don’t believe in “happily ever afters” or tragic love deaths or final last words. I believe, though, there is a point at which we have to pause for breath and to listen, the story continues and builds and grows, and more will be told at another time.

(To be continued….)