This I Believe

Pam - elk grove, California
Entered on April 11, 2007
Age Group: 30 - 50

Some Light

I believe in the power of books. Not just the power to expand your mind or take you to places you might never be able to physically go but the power to link people together and make us feel connected.

Mornings start and evenings end at our house with books. Breakfast starts with the question, “Shall we read a little?” to a resounding chorus of “Yes!” from my two children. This quiet start to our day has built a connection between us. We’ve traveled through middle earth together. We’ve ridden in a motor car to Toad Hall. We’ve fought with rabbits on Watership Down. We’ve cheered for Wilbur and cried for Charlotte. Most of all we have built a common language and experience. We have become more connected.

If you recognize some of these references, I bet you are smiling right now. If not, I hope you pick up a book and read it with your family or friends. It will link us all together and that can only be a good thing.

I believe books connect all the readers who know them and all of the writers who create them with me and that all of us have a need to be connected to each other. The more connected we feel, the better the world seems to us.

It is a pleasure to share the joy or sorrows found in stories. It is a bridge for conversations. It is a place for us to start a friendship or deepen a relationship. It is a place to begin a debate or fortify an opinion.

The most raucous group of 1st graders will fall to a hush with the words once upon a time. When I read to my daughter’s class, the look of eagerness on their faces touches a place in me deeper than I can explain. It is connectedness and a shared joy bigger than words and bigger than that moment.

The reading of a book creates a quiet that reminds me of the space when I meditate or run; a connectedness with something larger than myself.

In Kate Dicamillo’s book ‘The Tale of Despereaux’ she ends with this, “Stories are light Gregory the jailor told Despereaux. Reader I hope you have found some light here” I believe when we read a story together we all find a little light. This I truly believe.