This I Believe

Adria - Richmond, Virginia
Entered on April 11, 2007
Age Group: 50 - 65

Imago Dei

This I know

God is; God is becoming

God the Creator

immanent in each part of creation

transcendent across creation.

God the Spirit

source of virgin birth

inspiring life and all creation

manifest in our imaginings.

God the Christ

present and revealed in the life of Jesus

incarnate that God might become human

sacrificed by God on the cross for God’s transformation

that we may indivinate.

God merciful, gracious and challenging

accepting of our brokenness

redeemer of all who confess to being lost

offering new life to those who seek it

God present in our lives

even when we turn our back

approached in our worship and rituals

listening to us in prayer

responding in mysterious ways

Christ resurrected

in our hearts and minds

in the body of the church

in the community of confessors

I endeavor to know God

recognizing that names and descriptions serve

to explain and confuse

to limit and deepen comprehension.

God knowable and unknowable,

beyond description, yet we seek to describe.

God hidden and made manifest

in our darkest desires and our highest creations,

in our joy and our sorrow,

in our fear and our courage,

in our confidence and our anxiety,

in our hate and our love.

in the myths, metaphors, images, stories, traditions

and rituals of the world’s people.

I hear God calling me to make the Quest

to seek out who I really am intended to be

to live that intended life in full abundance.

God calls me to

live life in a never ending search to know God

yet knowing that God is present in the search;

bring forth the inspirations of the spirit moving within me;

minister by sharing the gifts of God with others;

worship in the liturgies of the church

I know God as the force that shapes my life

the center towards which I strive.

I experience God as the power, welcome and unwelcome,

that works in the world and in me to bring me closer to

the divine and as that on which I work to bring into the world

I am; I am becoming