This I Believe

Brittany - Norfolk, Virginia
Entered on April 11, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

Music: This I believe

I believe in music. I believe in music as a means of healing, as a means of evoking emotion, and as a means of relating humanity. I can recall myself, sitting in music history class and listening to Franz Liszt’s “Un Sospiro.” I can remember how I felt; eyes closed, listening to the arpeggios and feeling, with each one my excitement rising. I picture a warm spring morning, with birds bathing in a lake warmed by the sun. It makes me happy. I can remember my first experience with “The Wolf’s Glen” scene from a Weber opera. I was terrified; the creepy vocals of the singer that played the devil frightened me more than any horror movie I’ve ever seen. I can recall going to see operas and observing the other members of the audience, seeing each expression unified by the actions of the singers on stage. It is like they are one entity. When I’m feeling my saddest I can always find a song that relates to what is going on. This seems to be true for most people.

Emotion is something that links all of humanity. Relying on music to evoke, or express that emotion is something that anyone can relate to. I cannot count how many times I have been listening to music and suddenly, the music makes me cry. I know songs that have made my day when heard at the right moment. There are also times when I have been feeling a certain way; whether it be sad, happy, angry, whatever that not only relate in lyrics, but deep down in the feeling. I have songs that link relationships with people, songs that both of us have a deep love for. I think this is also universal. The ability of music to relate people and situations is something that everyone has experienced.

Think about movies. The music makes the movie, it creates the mood and responds to the characters. Without music; movies, similar to life, would be boring. In a scary movie, what makes the audience afraid? The music. In a romantic movie, what lets the audience know that the characters are about to find each other? For most people, this music is simply ambiance—background noise to the foreground action, but, however discretely, it makes the movie. This is an interesting aspect of life: having a soundtrack to help things along. People are not provided a soundtrack or a newly composed score to coincide with the events of their lives, they provide their own. I hear music constantly, whether it be music I’m playing or performing, writing, listening to, or just a song stuck in my head. My soundtrack is constant and personal, and it fits my life perfectly. I’m sure each person’s own soundtrack is just as fitting. People choose their music based on the events that surround them, the emotions they feel, or want to feel, and to link them to one another.