This I Believe

Brittina - Midlothian, Virginia
Entered on April 11, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

Eternal Magic

Ever since I was a little girl, I knew without a doubt magic was real. I saw magic everywhere. The magicians on TV performed tricks that I couldn’t explain with my adolescent intellect. The only explanation for beautiful women being sawed in half and put back together or a fluffy white rabbit being pulled out of a hat was magic. I saw magic in every Disney movie. Cinderella was transformed and whisked away to the palace ball. Aladdin’s carpet flew him high above the city of Agrabah and beyond the clouds. And the enchanted kiss of a handsome prince broke the spell on an innocent princess known as Snow White.

Most of the magic I believed in was somewhat intangible and unrealistic. However, as I realized when I became older, I witnessed a lot of magic during my childhood that was very much real. Every Christmas my mother created magic by transforming our ordinary house into a winter wonderland. My grandma created magic in her kitchen with every delicious meal. There was magic every time my daddy looked into my mommy’s eyes. There was magic when it snowed soft, crisp snowflakes. There was magic with every sunrise and sunset, when the sun blazed golden and auburn flames across the sky and magic every night when the moon shone bright and the stars twinkled like crystals.

Now as an adult, my idea and belief of magic has matured. Although I know there is no Santa, tooth fairy, or even an Easter Bunny, I know there is magic. Real magic is all around us. It’s in the romance of a modern day fairy tale, where an ordinary girl meets her “prince charming”, the miracle of the birth of a new life, or the wonder of a shooting star.

I think in order to believe in magic, you have to be young at heart. A certain part of me is still the seven year old girl who sat in awe as Dorothy clicked her ruby red slippers three times and was once again back home in Kansas with the people she loved. As long as I never lose that little girl, I’ll never lose magic.