This I Believe

Andrew - leola, Pennsylvania
Entered on April 11, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

From Skating to Living

When I was in fourth grade I got my first skateboard from my parents and ever since I stepped foot on the board, my life has been forever changed. Every nice day after school I skated around my neighborhood with my best friend working on my skateboarding skills. I skated everyday not just because I wanted to, but because I was so dedicated to the sport and it became a part of me. Regardless if I fell down and scraped my knee or worse, I kept skating because I had to land the trick. It’s impossible to count how many hours I’ve spent outside my house practicing a certain flip trick or at the local elementary school trying to land a certain grind on one of the curbs. Throughout almost all of my schooling I remained dedicated to skateboarding and I believe that through skating, it has instilled dedication, discipline, and perseverance in my life.

The reason why I feel that skateboarding has taught me these traits is the fact that no matter how many tricks I didn’t land, I had to keep going until I landed the trick. And even though it was discouraging trying the same trick over and over hundreds of times, when I landed the trick it was worth every minute I put into it. And that is what I try to incorporate into my everyday life. I feel that if a task is small or large, it must be done and I always strive to complete it the best I can.

And now that I am out of high school, out on my own, and without my parents, there are a lot more responsibilities that I am faced with. And no matter what, I do what I have to do to get everything done. Regardless if I want to hang out with my friends or do something fun, if I have work to do or a prior engagement it always comes before fun. I feel that discipline is an essential trait to have and to truly succeed; you have to take care of your priorities first before you can have fun. This isn’t always the most fun and at times it is down right awful. Especially being an average college student, there are many temptations around me on campus, but that is where my discipline kicks in. If I have a paper to do or a test to study for, school always comes first. And even if I can’t do the things I want to do, I still carry the work ethic and dedication I’ve learned from the countless hours I’ve spent skating around. And I also carry the same skating mindset to never give up on a task, but to try as hard as I can until I get it right.