This I Believe

Justin - Kingsport, Tennessee
Entered on April 11, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: community

Human life is precious. One can learn this simply by standing outside and feeling the wind blow up against their skin. Not only knowing that we’re alive, but FEELING that we are alive gives me such a rush. Our very being is so complex that no mere human can even begin to understand it. Sure, science can tell us about our nervous system, but no one can really tell us how we really feel the rain as it runs down our skin. Realizing how precious human life is has gotten me through some of the hardest years of my life, thus far. It’s really a beautiful thing. Beautiful, that is, until you run into someone who thinks that violence is the only answer to resolve conflict or someone who doesn’t appreciate that very value of a human life. I have gotten into heated conversations with folks over whether or not the death penalty is fair and/or just. I’ve gotten into even hotter conversations with folks over the subject of whether or not we need armed forces. It seems like there are too many people in our world who can take a human life without thinking twice. We as humans need to realize that no matter how evil a person may seem (Saddam Hussein is probably the most recent example), they are still a human and that is something we all have in common. To us, someone may appear to be a criminal, or simply just an “evil” person, but in reality, they are someone’s son/daughter, someone’s brother/sister, and often times someone’s father/mother. Taking this into consideration should make some people think twice before pulling the trigger or flipping the switch. We, as humans, were put here on this Earth to not only live our lives to the fullest, but also to take care of each other. Love is one of the strongest words in any culture’s vocabulary. We need to make sure we keep it in ours as well. This, I believe.