This I Believe

Lauren - Albuquerque, New Mexico
Entered on April 11, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

My future Is Now

“Live. And Live Well. BREATHE. Breathe in and Breathe deeply. Be PRESENT. Do not be past. Do not be future. Be now.”

One brick, two brick, three brick, four; I counted up to fifty before the sound of the Charger Band caught my ears and diverted my attention else where. As I walked up the Albuquerque Academy’s campus path headed for the first assembly in the gym, about a million thoughts paced back and forth in my sixth grade mind. Fear seemed to weigh out the most in the end; fear of the future, that is. I worried who my friends would be, if the teachers would be nice, and if I would “fit in” at my new school.

As my journey took me through middle school and into my high school years, the fears changed from one day to the next. There were endless worries such as, what outfit do I wear to the 8th grade dance? Will this pimple disappear before picture day? Will the boy I love choose her over me, again? Will this grade bring down my entire GPA? The one thing that these questions all had in common is that they were uncertain of the future. We as a people seem to constantly worry about what life holds in the next year, the next day, even the next minute, and sometimes, we even think our lives aren’t going to change, even to the point that we think we can predict them. Sometimes we can get caught up in this little world that everything will be okay and things won’t change, and that we know exactly what we’re going to do with our lives in the next 10 years. But the truth is, it doesn’t work that way. As I’ve started to “grow up”, I’ve learned that this thing we call life has so many twists and turns that sometimes it’s hard to keep up. However, the good news is that there is one thing we can all be sure of, and that is that nothing in our future is certain. What it all boils down to is that no ones got it figured out just yet, so why worry things about that we have yet to receive the answers to?

Now, seven years later, I walk down that brick path as I head to my graduation ceremony. Still, I do not know where I will be in my future or what I will desire out of life (as it is sure to change incessantly); but there is one thing I do know, and that is I will not fear the future, but rather I will embrace the present.

I believe the closest thing we have to our future is the present. Would you really want to see how your life ends up? Personally, I wouldn’t. If you know what lies ahead, where’s the fun in what lies at your feet right now, in this very moment? Think about your life now, and clinch it, love it, want it. When you are secure with what you know, everyone will see that. It will draw people close to you, and that’s when everything starts making sense, that’s when everything will be okay.