This I Believe

Laura - Kihei, Hawaii
Entered on April 11, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

I never could figure out how some people could come to work so enthusiastic in the morning, while the majority came in grumpy, irritable and out right lethargic. It took me graduating high school, two jobs and three years to pass before I came to the realization of the secret of having a good day after your forced into working. I believe that a good cup of coffee is the start of a good day.

I am one of the worst about waking up in the morning. I despise the moment that we are forced to open our eyes from a good night sleep and start another day. When I was younger, my bedroom window faced the rising sun and to get up every morning for school my mother would yell at me from her room across the hall only feet from mine to get up. When I graduated high school and moved across the ocean away from my wonderful yelling alarm clock, my mother, I had to find another method of waking up in the morning. For awhile the visualization of my boss yelling at me for being late to yet another morning shift helped to open my eyes and end my dreams early enough to be at work on time. But this only helped me pass the time before I came to the realization that all I really needed, to not only get up in the morning but also to have a good day was a pot of good coffee brewing down the hall in the kitchen.

This realization came one day when I woke up early and was extremely grumpy when I had walked through the house that I was living in. “A start of a bad day”. Then my friend offered me a cup of coffee that might warm and maybe even cheer me up. Because I was cold I accepted the hot beverage, added some creamer, and realized about a half hour later that I had been introduced to the secret to waking up and having a good day.

Waking up in the morning is easier with the knowledge that I’m about to indulge on a very soothing cup of a specialty blended beverage to wash away my morning breath. It helps open my eyes knowing that if its cold outside my covers a hot cup will warm me up internally, and if its hot outside I can pour the steaming beverage over a glass of ice with some sugar. When rushing the fact that I know I can go down the street to a commercialized coffee shop and have a cup made ready to go, makes even those hectic days good days.

I hate waking up in the morning. Waking up, I am usually grumpy, irritable, and sometimes lethargic, but once I’m up and atom with a cup of coffee, I’m a fun loving enjoyable person to be around. I have noticed time and time again though that the days that a very intelligent gentleman so thoughtfully left a warm cup of coffee on the pot for me when my alarm does sound, those days go unsurprisingly the best. The days I have to brew my own are bearable and most of the time good days and those days that someone never said that we were out of coffee, just about guaranteed to be not a good day and day that I just can’t wait to pass.